Exceed the Listening and Speaking Standards

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Talking ≠ Effective Speaking 

Students don't speak very well. Class discussions, presentations, podcasts, videos, and digital storytelling suffer.

But standards include speaking. What is your school doing to address these standards?

Resources are hard to find.

There are no classes in teacher education programs about how to teach speaking skills. It is never a topic on any inservice days either.

  You need help to develop oral communication skills.
I provide that help.

Comments from Baltimore:
"Erik was a fantastic speaker.  I am enriched by it!"
"He was absolutely excellent--the best one."

Erik Palmer
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Hearing ≠ Listening   

What is your school doing to develop effective listening skills?    

Active Listening
Media Literacy
Internet Literacy
Persuasive Techniques

All of those are needed to understand and evaluate the enormous informational input our students receive daily.

What lessons do you have to address these needs?
Do you feel confident teaching these skills? Have you been given resources and training to meet the Standards?

You need help to develop 21st Century listening skills.
I provide that help.

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